Team Requirements

Representing the United States on an international level is a prestigious and exciting opportunity. It is also costly, time-consuming and with much effort required. Below are requirements that each shooter must agree to in order to compete in the IPRF World Championship as a part of the US team.

The shooter recognizes that US Team selection for 2023 is based upon prior performances qualifying matches. Submitting an application does not guarantee a spot on the team. Shooter will apply for their preferred Division and Category (if applicable). Depending on performance and interest levels for the limited spots available, the team may invite shooters to compete at the World Championships in a different Division and/or Category.

Representing the United States is a prestigious opportunity and should be taken seriously. By submitting this application, the applicant agrees to represent themselves, the team and the United States of America in a professional manner. Conduct not befitting may result in dismissal from the team, including at the World Championships.

Competing at the World Championships may be an expensive endeavor. Applicant agrees that self-funding is required to attend the World Championships.

As a representative of the United States and if selected for being on the US team, shooter agrees to conform to any dress codes, team jersey requirements and/or other apparel requirements during the World Championships and related activities.

Shooter agrees that requirements for each division/category will be met. Shooter also agrees that equipment required to compete will be provided by the applicant.

Shooter has a passport, or is willing to get a passport, including incurring all applicable fees.

Shooter is a United States citizen or legal resident.

Shooter agrees to comply with all import/export regulations and processes, as well as those required for international travel. Shooter agrees that if selected, that they will meet all COVID-19 travel requirements.