22lr Selection

Here is how the 2023 USA 22LR team will be selected.

1. The application process will open December 7th, 2022. Anyone interested will be able to go on the USPRA website and fill out the application form with their information and relevant scores.

2. You will need to submit all of your national championship rimfire finales attended. Eligible 2-day national championship events include, PRS Rimfire and NRL22 National Championships that were held in 2021 and 2022. Giving shooters four national championships over the past two years to choose as their one highest score to count toward the selection process.

3. You will also need to submit at a minimum your two highest one day scores. The One-day match score component can come from two different match types. These can consist of matches that are either PRS Rimfire Regional finales from 2021 and 2022 and/or from NRL22X match scores from June 5th, 2021, through December 5th, 2022 that had 50 or more shooters at the match. If an applicant has additional 2-day national match scores, those can be used interchangeably as a 1-day score.

4. Applications will be accepted until Jan 5, 2023. Then the USPRA will add up your 3 highest scores from the available matches and invite those with the highest scores to be on the team.

Below are the available slots for the US team:

Division/CategorySlots Available
Open – Ladies4
Open – Senior4

2023 USA 22LR World Championship Info/FAQ

1. I’m a PRS shooter.  Why do I have to enter in my hits and how many shooters were at the matches I am submitting?  The PRS Rimfire and NRL22 use different scoring systems.  PRS scores you by how many hits you had as a percentage of the winner’s score.  NRL22 uses a placement percentage system that takes into account how many hits you had, how many shooters were at a match, where you placed, and how many hits the winner had.  We had to normalize all scores for one system or the other so as not to compare apples and oranges.  We felt like the NRL22 system had a slight advantage by being able to stratify shooters just a little better.  Also, NRL22 scores are already in this format and it was easier to ask a PRS shooter for more info than to ask a NRL shooter to back stuff out of their scores.

1a.  I’m a NRL22X shooter. Why do I need to remove the time based points from my score? Again our goal is to compare the same data for the selection process. In that our goal is to normalize the scores and the NRL22X scores add points for remaining time on a skills stage.

2.  Why are PRS Production division shooters not given preference when it comes to filling the IPRF Factory division spots on the team?  PRS Production division rifles and IPRF Factory division rifles have very different qualifications.  IPRF Factory rifles: “A Factory Division Rifle is a non-custom, standard stock rifle, manufactured/assembled by a single mainstream manufacturer, in a configuration as available by that manufacturer at the time of production.  The action, chassis/stock and trigger must be manufactured by, or be proprietary to that manufacturer, or be a generic part.”  We didn’t see a legitimate way of taking scores from Production division and verifying that each production score submitted was actually shot with a Factory approved rifle.  In the future, I suspect the next 22lr selection process for a potential 2025 world championship will find a way to use scores shot with Factory rifles to select for the Factory team.  We just couldn’t find a workable solution this time.

If you accept a slot as a Factory shooter for the U.S. Team, It is your responsibility to purchase or acquire an IPRF Factory division approved rifle for use in Italy.

3.  I want to apply as a junior but don’t see that as an option?  At this time, it does not appear that there will be a junior division at the 22lr WC due to lack of participation from other countries.  If you are a junior and want to apply then we can hold onto your application in case they do have a junior division.

4.  Will there be a 50 plus attendance requirement on NRL22X matches in future selection processes?  There is no way of predicting what the selection process will look like in 2 years.  Here are some general suggestions that may help you as you work towards making a future team. 

  1. Always shoot your national finales.  National finales will always factor into most any selection process. 
  2. Shoot your PRS regional finales. 
  3. Keep shooting NRL22x matches regardless of size.

5.  What if the 1 day matches I have shot do not meet the requirements listed for 1 day match ?  Shooter should then list all their best 1 day matches with an emphasis on having a high on the # of shooters. These may be used to fill a class if there are not enough applicants who meet the higher standard.

6.  Assuming there will be another 22lr World Championship in 2025, when do you expect to have that selection process announced?  Our goal moving forward is to have every selection process announced at least a year and a half in advance of the actual world championship match date.  This would allow us to announce the team at least 6 months in advance as well. 

7.  Why wouldn’t you announce the selection process 2 years in advance so all of the matches used to select are in the future rather than half being in the past?  It is already hard enough to know what matches will be held one year in advance and their relevance for selecting the best shooters, much less those that literally aren’t even on a schedule yet because they are so far out in the future.  The sport changes and grows so fast that predicting what match would be relevant for selecting the best team a full 2 years from now seems impossible.

8.  What’s the process after my application is submitted? Your application will be received and the matches listed will be qc’d. Once the qc process is completed you will be emailed that it is accurate and has been accepted. If there are any corrections or questions the shooter will be called or emailed on what changes or questions there are. Once complete a shooter will be made aware of their standing score factor. Once all applications are in and the application window closes on January 5, 2023, the team selection will be made within approximately 10 days.

*If you make the U.S. Team, please understand that the 2023 22LR World Championship in Italy is entirely self-funded.  The estimated trip cost is $5000 per person.

2023 USA 22LR Team Application

There are two ways to fill out the application for the US Team. The easiest way is to download the spreadsheet below, open it up in Microsoft Excel, enter in your information and scores, save it and then email it to info.uspra@gmail.com

The second way is to download the pdf below, print it off and write in your information and scores, then scan it and email it to info.uspra@gmail.com